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Firmware update instruction for EVF-035W-3G

WARNING: Installing new firmware at own risk

Updating your firmware is fast and simple. Please follow these steps to insure a successful update.

1) Save the zip file on a computer and extract the following three files to a new folder; 
EVF035W_VXXX.bit, EVF035W_VXXX.bin and Readme.pdf

2) Copy the two files EVF035W_VXXX.bit and EVF035W_VXXX.bin to an empty, FAT32 formatted, USB stick.
Please find a USB stick that has a LED built in. This LED will indicate activity of the EVF during upgrade.

3) Switch off the EVF by pressing the power button once.

4) Insert the USB stick in the EVF USB port (check manual for the location).

5) Switch on the EVF by pressing the power button once.

6) Go to the Menu and go into the System Menu.

7) Select ‘RS-232 Type’ by pressing the rotary control. You can switch between calibration and upgrade. Select upgrade and press the rotary control again.

8) The upgrade will now start. While the EVF is upgrading you will see that the LED in the USB stick is blinking.

Don't interrupt the upgrading process!
Don’t unplug USB stick while upgrading!
Don’t switch off the EVF while upgrading!

Since it needs to update two files, the activity of the LED in the USB stick will be: Solid on -> blinking -> solid on -> blinking-> solid on. The update will take approximately 3 minutes.

10) Once the LED is solid on for the third time, the upgrade is completed. Switch off the EVF, remove the USB stick and switch back on the EVF.

Go to the System Menu again. At the bottom you can see which versions have been installed.